Getting Started


Because this is still in alpha and under active development, it has not been released to PyPi. You can install via TestPyPi using the following command:

pip install --index-url gameai

Basic Example

from import TicTacToe
from gameai.agents import RandomAgent, MCTSAgent
from gameai.core import Arena, Player

# Create our game
game = TicTacToe()

# Inititalize our agents
mcts_agent = MCTSAgent()
random_agent = RandomAgent()

# We train the mcts agent
mcts_agent.train(game, verbose=True, num_iters=10000, num_episodes=100)

player0 = Player(0, mcts_agent)
player1 = Player(1, random_agent)

# Pit the agents against eachother in the arena. Note that the player
# ids passed in need to match the index of the player in the array
arena = Arena(game, [player0, player1])